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A yearning to write began in high school. My ability was raw. Compositions were rarely shared. Early writings were poetry, essays, observations, and a plethora of songs.

My first novel was composed on an Apple ][ computer in the early eighties. The setting was my tour in the U.S. Air Force (October 1968 through June 1972). This writing endeavor was difficult because it dealt with diverse personal issues. A few people read it - some even liked it! However, that project was trashed with the softcopy sent to the bit-bucket... when I realized that writing the story was merely a catharsis.

In 1990, I began to write a fantasy novel. The writing project is three volumes - a Trilogy (over 800+ pages). It is finished, but unpublished.

In 2003, I wrote a short story, The Date. That story grew to become thirty chapters (320+ pages). After over-writing my finished copy... with an early rough draft, I decided to "trash" that year long project. (Ugh!)

In 2004, I wrote a novella (Play). The idea/plot/outline bounced around in my gray-matter for decades. It is 125+ pages in rough draft.

Another novel project is 360+ pages. It is another theme that stimulated neurons in my brain for decades. A "sequel" is as long but unfinished.

Many of my (non-fiction, technical) articles are published. Subjects vary, but the majority are about (US military) veteran issues, such as, Agent Orange (herbicides used mostly during the Vietnam era); the POW/MIA issue; Veteran Benefits and Employement Rights; and veteran struggles with government entities (that soon forget dedicated military personnel). Most of these articles were published between 1990 through 2007... in veteran magazines, various newsletters, and one as my testimony before a U.S. Congressional Committee (April 1998) in Washington DC (that testimony is part of the 1998 Congressional Record).

Select Writings by Gary D. Moore:

Awkward by Gary D. Moore One page short story.
Camp Day by Gary D. Moore PDF format
Camp Day by Gary D. Moore One page true short story.
Camp Day by Gary D. Moore PDF format
Canoe Trip by Gary D. Moore One page true short story.
Canoe Trip by Gary D. Moore (PDF format)
Caregiver by Gary D. Moore Two page true short story.
Caregiver by Gary D. Moore (PDF format)
Children One page essay.
Dayton, Ohio by Gary D. Moore One page short story (PDF format).
Eric by Gary D. Moore True short story.
Eric by Gary D. Moore (PDF format)
Excuse by Gary D. Moore One page short story.
Excuse by Gary D. Moore (PDF format)
Phone Call by Gary D. Moore One page short story with a message.
Phone Call by Gary D. Moore (PDF format)
Reflections of a Motorcycle Ride to Washington DC - May 1999 by Gary D. Moore One page true short story (PDF format only).
Run To The North Wall by Gary D. Moore One page true short story.
Substitute by Gary D. Moore Eight page short story.

Best (writing) advice (from a college professor - Dr. Roseann Swartz):

"Write like you speak. If it tumbles or drags when you say it aloud, rewrite it."

Writing Essentials (abridged list):

The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White. This is "absolutely" necessary reading material for anyone who aspires to write. It outlines dos and do nots, plus gives practical advise about style. If you do not have it, buy it, and then READ IT a few times!

Instant Spelling Dictionary published by Career Institute, Inc. My copy is ancient (ca. 1969). It is a necessity for (us) bad spellers.

Roget's Thesaurus - There are numerous publications. I have four or five versions.

Gregg Reference Manual - Sabin (McGraw-Hill). Excellent reference for grammar and writing rules. This text is packed with practical and useful information.

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus - Essential reference for word definitions and synonyms. (I have this on my Desktop and Laptop computers, plus hard copy book form.)


Note: These links are not endorsed or affiliated with me (or my website). These are provided as reference.

Associations, etc.:
Christian Writer's Guild
Florida Writers Organization
National Association of Women Writers
Writer's Guild of America - Screen Writer's Guild

Magazines, etc.:
The Writer - Magazine
Writer's Digest - Magazine
Writer's Digest Book Club - Loads of great references books!
Writer's Weekly - Magazine

AWP Official Guide to Writing Programs
Bobbi Dempsey - Author's Web Site
Best Book Covers - Nice Art
Legal Safeguarding Agent - Poor Man's Copyright
Literary Market Place - Books, etc.
Writer Market - Different from next link...
Writers Market - Resource for Writers - Annual Fee

Self Publishing:
Evanston Publishing, Inc. Louisville, KY
Infinity Publishing West Conshohocken, PA
Instant Publisher Kansas
IPubServices Mansfield, OH
MK Group Book PrintingSt Cloud, MN
Morris Publishing Kearney, NE
Out Skirts Press 1-888-672-6657
The Printing Company UK
Trafford British Columbia, Canada
Vantage Press, Inc. New York, NY

Writing Tools or Helps:
Write Way - Writing software
Writing COM - Writing Center
Writer-Bros - Writing Tools

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