Windows" XP Tips
by Gary D. Moore

Add or Remove Programs - appwiz.cpl
Auto-complete feature may slow typing

Boot configuration (Boot.INI) - bootcfg.exe (bootcfg /query = view -- bootcfg.exe /addsw or /rmsw)
Boot loading parameter /sos = show devices as they load
Boot Menu - At XP Start Up Screen, Press F8

CAB file - see: Extract
Check NTFS partition(s) - chkntfs.exe
cmd.exe - MS-DOS prompt (cmd.exe /k xp.bat - runs this batch file upon execution)
Computer Management - compmgmt.msc

Defrag Hard Disk - dfrg.msc
Device Manager (Computer Description) - devmgmt.msc
Device (problems) - msinfo32
Device Update Agent Service and select either Start or Stop to start or stop the service.
- Start DUA service from command line, type: net start "Device Update Agent"
- Stop DUA service from command line, type: net stop "Device Update Agent Service"
Disk Management Utility - diskmgmt.msc
Disk Probe Help File - dskprobe.hlp
Driver Query - Diverquery /v /fo CSV > DrvList.CSV (creates detailed Driver list for Excel import)

Event Viewer: eventvwr.msc
Extract a file from a CAB file - expand.exe
- Expand a File: EXPAND "Source:\[Path]\filename.EX_" "Destination:\[path]\filename.EXT"
- For CABs: (Destination Source FileName)
- EXPAND /L "Destination:\[Path]" "Source:\[path]\CABName.CAB" FileName.EXT

Fax Service must be turned on and setup via Components Options
File System Management - fsmgmt.msc

Group Policy (Edit) - gpedit.msc

Hardware Add/Remove - hdwwiz.cpl

Indexing Service: (ciadv.msc)
- This file (Cidaemon.exe) can take 80%-90% of system resources. START --> RUN "Services.msc"
- Find the file, and then double click. DISABLE it. (Works with other programs/processes.)

Microsoft Management Console - mmc
MS-DOS Prompt - cmd.exe /k FileName.bat (executes the named batch file)

Permissions - cacls.exe /d username (denies specific access)
Power Management Features - powercfg.msc

Registry Edit - regedt32.exe

Services - services.msc
Sounds and Audio - mmsys.cpl
System Properties - sysdm.cpl

Users and Groups - nusrmgr.cpl

Windows Management - wmimgmt.msc

XP Activation Fingerprint file = %SystemRoot%\System32\WPA.Dbl (WPA.Bak)

Windows" XP Tips

Tips for Windows" XP available in: MS Word format or PDF Format

Hope you find these tips (and cheat sheets) helpful!

Find the latest Microsoft Operating System Information at:


My Computer


Create a Windows" XP Startup Diskette

Insert a disk into your floppy disk drive and Run Windows Explorer (Explorer is found in the Windows folder).
Right-click the Drive A icon and choose Format.
In the Format dialog box, select the check box labeled Create an MS-DOS startup disk and click Start.
Once the warning dialog appears, click OK.
When format is complete, click OK in the Format Complete dialog box. Click OK to close the dialog box.

The formatted disk contains the following files:

Next, copy Ntldr and to the floppy.

With a text editor, add a basic boot.ini file:

Note: This diskette does not allow viewing of the NTFS partition.


Update: April 30, 2015

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