Vietnam and the Turbulent Times
Dictionary and Gazetteer

Compilation by Gary D. Moore - Copyright © 1994-2010
Contributions from Lt. Col. Dennis Gillem, Tony Kozlinski,
MSgt Rick Swain, USAF (Ret), and Lt. Col. Sandra K. Wilson

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Welcome Home brothers and sisters!

This collection of terms was developed as I wrote a trivia game about the Vietnam War, and the crazy times in which we, veterans, lived. I dedicate this to those who served their country during the Vietnam Era, and literaly lived these words. Some of these terms will bring back good memories while others may cause a tear to fall. This list is placed on the Net, and may be reproduced, and/or posted on your web site with permission.


Each generation interjects meaning to specific words. The 60s children (teens and young adults) not only added new meaning to words, but changed the moral and legal teachings of the era (and subsequent eras thereof). Even the term 60s children has a specific connotation today. Whether this reflects good or bad is not my point. My generation (the 60s) is not unique with this transforming idiom. However, the jargon (language) of the Vietnam (era) veteran transcended cultures, races, and geography during the 60s and 70s... a word, like square, took on a different meaning while in-country from the 50s era when square meant practically the same as the 80s-90s term for a nerd or geek. Similarly, the world did not mean the globe, or planet... to the in-country Vietnam vet it meant home... the US (..."when I get back to the world...." was heard regularly). Juicer, head, freak, straight, lifer painted word pictures. In-coming brought fear, and quick reaction... and sometimes, death. Rights began to take shape in reality. Further explanation wasn't necessary... a single word sufficed. A terse and concise dialect permeated the 60s.

When you examine the words of any generation for their varied and colorful meaning, the 1960s is notable. This collection contains many (but far from all) the words of the 60s, especially to the young veteran of the era (of which I was one). Many of the following terms resonate Vietnam, the war, and the youth involved. These words are the mark of a searching, intelligent, self-indulgent, if not, spoiled generation, but a generation who had hope, promise, and dreams.

To my brother and sisters who have faithfully served this great Nation at any time, Welcome home!

Gary D. Moore, SSgt USAF 1968-1972

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