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Agent Orange/Herbicide (Your Health and Dioxin) Exposure
Agent Orange Information Easy to read info, links, etc.
Agent Orange Talking Paper #1 by Gary D. Moore
Agent Orange Terms by Gary D. Moore and others
Agent Orange Testimony by Dr. Joel Michalek March 29, 2000
Agent Orange Used Outside of Vietnam
Amendments of the US Constitution
Articles to the US Constitution
Australian Vietnam Veterans Health/Morbidity Study
Bases (U.S. Military) Contaminated with Various Chemicals
BigFin Financial (Shareware) Windows Program Download
BigFin Financial Program Information
Burial Information in a VA Cemetery
Camp Day by Gary D. Moore One page short story
Canoe Trip by Gary D. Moore One page short story
Care & Feeding of Your Lawn Without Chemicals by Gary D. Moore
Caregiver a short essay by Gary D. Moore
CD Player Download and Information Page
Chemicals used during the Vietnam War
Children by Gary D. Moore One page essay.
Claim, VA (List of Documents needed to file a)
Clean Cycle Products Evaluation
Dayton Ohio by Gary D. Moore One page short story (PDF Format)
DCopy Program by Gary D. Moore (Freeware)
Eric two page true short story by Gary D. Moore
Excuse a one page short story by Gary D. Moore
Gary's 2nd Main Page
Gary's Links Every site has favorite links, so does mine
Gary's Software and Systems Web Page
Gary's Writing Page Links, etc., about (creative) writing
Gary's Consulting Information Page My business that allows me the time to do all these veteran things
Ivy v. Shamrock Case Court rejection of Ivy Suit
Lime Frost Band Information
US Marine's Prayer, The
Michigan Veteran Helps Web Page
Michigan Jobs Commission, Congressional Oversite Committee Testimony on the
Michigan's POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War Michigan still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War
Michigan POW/MIA List PDF Format
Michigan POW/MIA List Word Document Format
Motorcycle Cleaning Tips Helpful tips for keeping your ride looking good
Motorcycle Spring Cleaning Tips Several tips
Motorcycle Winterizing Tips Helpful tips before storing your motorcycle for the Winter
MS DOS Information
National Academy of Science 1996 Cancer List (Related to dioxin exposure)
National Academy of Science 1998 Report (Executive Summary of 1998 findings)
Notes on Herbicide Use in Vietnam by Gary D. Moore
PDFs by Gary D. Moore All the PDFs on my web site
Peter Lemon's Book - Beyond the Medal Youngest recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor
Phone Call one page short story with a message by Gary D. Moore
POW/MIA Contact List U.S. Gov't Agencies
POW/MIA Flag as a Recognized Symbol
POW/MIA Flag Origin
POW/MIA Military Information Sources
POW/MIA Prayer
POW/MIA Statistics from all US Wars
POW Table, The purpose of the ceremonial POW Table
President Medal Information
Ranch Hand Spray Amounts (One Column) USAF Herb Tapes List
Ranch Hand Spray Amounts (Two Column) USAF Herb Tapes List
Re-Evaluation of Dioxin - 1993 by Linda Birnbaum
Run to the North Wall by Gary D. Moore One page short story
St Patrick's - 1963 Two class Photo
St Patrick's Graduating Class of 1964
Retirees and Vets Allowed to Salute Flag
United States Constitution
US Flag Etiquette
VA Claim (List of Documents needed to file a)
VA Phone Numbers
Veteran Information & Calendar Page Events and Information for veterans
Vietnam & the Turbulent Times Dictionary
Vietnam Veterans Web Site List VVA Chapters, State Councils, Memorials, etc.
Vietnam War, Chemicals used during the
Vitamin List My personal list. (These are helping me to be healthier)
VVA Application (Ch 154)
the Wall(My high school classmates who died in Vietnam)
Windows Installation Tips
Windows" 9x, ME, XP Information Interesting tips and information for Windows" O/S.
Windows" XP Tips Tips and information for Windows" XP O/S.
Writing Tips and Information Personal tips

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