Rolling Thunder® XXIX Rally, Sunday, May 29, 2016

Prisoner Of War - Missing In Action - "We will never forget"

Washington, DC - Memorial Day Weekend

Ride For Freedom

Rolling Thunder National Web Site

Information POW-MIA Totals from US Wars
Rolling Thunder® Inc. WWI 3,344
c/o Artie Muller WWII 78,460
National Chapter Korea 7,994
PO Box 216 Vietnam 1,638
Neshanic Station NJ 08853 .
908-369-5439 .
FAX: 908-369-2072 .

Staging Area

Rolling Thunder Web Site: Rolling Thunder National Chapter #1 for up to date information.

Assemble at the North Pentagon parking lot beginning at 8:00 a.m.


Leaving at noon (1200 hours) for a ride through Washington, DC to the Vietnam Memorial to pay our respects to our brothers and sisters who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy every day, and for a full accounting of all POW-MIA's. This is a demostration, not a parade!

Rolling Thunder® from California, to Washington, DC

Ride will begin at a location to be announced at: RT Flame of Freedom Web Site; into Washington D.C. Contact for assembly and departure date: John McKendree (R.T. Chapter 1 MS) 662-234-1084 (C) 662-607-0611

Staging Area for Rally

Stage for speakers and music: Our stage will be in front of the reflecting pool on the West end of the Lincoln Memorial. Please ask all members of your club or organization to attend. Everyone is welcome!

Contacts for 2015

Name Phone/Location Name Phone/Location
Joe 805-368-5512 CA Al 303-948-1394 CO
Don 941-235-3333 FL Low-Rider 321-453-2718 FL
Gene 478-722-8250 GA Harper 706-741-7839 GA
Bob 319-230-6985 IA Dennis 815-761-0808 IL
Ed 317-363-1922 IN Tim 502-264-1879 KY
Joe 617-522-0324 MA Tim 207-892-5333 ME
Jerry 231-723-2715 MI John 417-849-8964 MO
John 662-607-0611 MS Bob 336-924-0610 NC
Roger 701-391-5678 ND Doc 603-370-0691 NH
Artie 908-369-5439 NJ George 915-590-2161 NM
Joe T 917-440-2468 NYC Doug 614-900-5138 OH
Winston 440-639-2222 OH Kay 918-486-7770 OK
Bill 405-627-0858 OK Harry 570-677-7916 PA
Ron 605-759-0284 SD Jay 615-364-1029 TN
Reid 423-638-1318 TN Bob 210-862-2981 TX
Gary 281-734-6859 TX Lee 571-233-4477 VA
John 978-544-8652 VT Tim 414-405-5757 WI
Christa 304-273-4986 WV Gill 450-224-2066 Canada

No Attitudes!

Everyone Must Wear a Helmet!!!

No Alcohol Beverages before or during the run!

Blue Bar

e-mail: novel@gmasw.com

Gary D. Moore
5161 Howard Road
Smiths Creek, MI 48074-2023

Update: December 19, 2015


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