Gary's Directory for (his) PDFs

Gary's Writings - PDFs

Camp Day One page true short story
Canoe Trip One page true short story
Caregiver by Gary D. Moore Two page short true story.
Children Essay
Dayton, Ohio by Gary D. Moore One page short story
Eric Two page true short story
Excuse by Gary D. Moore One page short story
Phone Call One page short story
Reflections on a Bike Trip to Washington DC - May 1999 by Gary D. Moore One page short true story
Run To The North Wall One page true short story
Substitute by Gary D. Moore Eight page short story.
Resume for Gary D. Moore
Background Sheet for Gary D. Moore

Other PDFs

Agent Orange Ranch Hand Amounts
Agent Orange Talking Paper 1
Care and Feeding of Your Lawn Without Chemicals by Gary D. Moore
Motorcycle Winterizing Tips
Documents Needed to File a VA Claim
List of Chemicals used in Military Operations during the Vietnam War
Michigan Cities List
Michigan Counties List
Michigan POW/MIA List
Microsoft Word 2000 Cheat Sheet
Microsoft Word v 6 Cheat Sheet
Motorcycle Cleaning Tips
Motorcycle Spring Cleaning Tips

Motorcycle Riding Considerations (Group Riding)
Notes on Herbicides used during the Vietnam War
POW/MIA Contact List
POW Flag History/Information
POW Table Information
POW Table Item (Requirements) List
Ranch Hand Study Testimony by Dr. Joel Michalek, Air Force Health Study Principal Investigator, Wednesday, March 29, 2000
Saluting the US Flag for US Military Veterans
SF-180 US Gov't WEB SITE to request DD-214, medals, etc., for US Military Veterans
US Military Bases Known To Be Contaminated (ca. 1992)

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