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Agent Orange (herbicide exposure) and the fate of POW/MIAs are two revelant and important issues that remain unresolved from the Vietnam War. You will find information on these topics as well as other subjects of interest to veterans and their families. My site map contains links to all my web pages.

Agent Orange Information

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Agent Orange & Veteran Related Information

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Agent Orange/Dioxin (educational) information is available on several pages... please begin your review with: AO_Info. Stop back to my site often since new AO information is posted regularly. Also check out

A Veteran Information & Events Calendar is available (your veteran related event can be added by leaving me e-mail), review: Veteran Information and Events Calendar. A list of various VVA Chapters is available at: VVA Chapter Site List.

A long list of Vietnam Era Terminology can be found at: Vietnam and the Turbulent Times Dictionary. The list was made several years ago while I was writing a trivia about the Vietnam War. These terms may be of interest to veterans and non-veterans alike. And, if you lived during the Vietnam Era, you will be able to relate to these words. Caution: This file is huge... over 70k (HTML format) broken into two (2) files for easier reading for those with machines with less memory.

My own ignorance of U.S. Flag Etiquette had me stuttering when a young man asked me about the Stars and Stripes. Digging out a phamplet about out US Flag prompted me to post a brief U.S. Flag Etiquette.

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We don't have time to do it right,
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Everyone can act like an idiot...
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If you don't look where you are going, you are bound to end up where you are headed...

A man hears what it behooves him to hear. St. Augustine, Confessions

"The leading social groups of the knowledge society will be knowledge workers... knowledge workers own their knowledge, and can take it with them wherever they go." Peter R. Drucker, Post-Capitalist Society, 1993

Don't impress... inform!

There is much that you can accomplish... if, you don't care who gets the credit.

I love my Country, but fear my government.

"My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one's county,
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"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph
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"It is doubtful if the majority has ever been right." Arnold Toynbee

A closed mouth gathers no foot...

To those who don't believe in God because they can't see Him...
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