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Add a program (Windows" or MS-DOS) to Win9x, ME, or XP
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DCopy, FindFile, Alarm, and gFont Information
DCopy (v 3.2.8) April 22, 2008 (Error corrected from 4/14/08 version)
Download Zip-ed Files
gFont v 1.0.3 Displays installed fonts
ShutDwnX 'Bone head' simple utility to SHUTDOWN Windows XP
Visual Basic Run Time Update (Service Patch 6)
Author's note

DCopy, FindFile, Alarm, and gFont Information:

In brief, DCopy is a file copy utility that copies a file or (selected/all) files to a destination. DCopy only copies files newer than the target file (if it exists) according to the file's date and time.

FindFile v 1.0.4 is a fast file finder utility. My memory might have me remember a partial name of a document (or file). FindFile searches for all 'close' matches when a star is entered (e.g., find*). Note: I only search the default drive at this time.

Alarm is a clock that sounds an audible sound at the preset time. Distractions often divert my attention whereas Alarm "sounds" at the designated time. (Remaining minutes:seconds are displayed while Alarm is active.)

gFont is a handy utility that displays 'installed' fonts on a PC. Simply select from a list and you will see a 'printable' charcter set (variable point size) of a particular font. You can also 'print' the selected font on a single sheet of paper (if a printer is installed).


DCopy v 3.2.8:

While using DCopy, I discovered a problem when copying files from the main (Root) directory/folder (prior to v 3.2.3). The "copy" process produced a "double" backslash.

The user should create a folder (one level deep) when copying files. Thus, if you have a directory/folder named F:\Misc, you can create (make) a directory/folder named F:\Misc\Docs by indicating it as the destination path. Try it, you will like DCopy.

I added the ability to "read" a file ("DCopy.TXT") - that resides in the directory/folder where DCopy.EXE is stored. The file ("DCopy.TXT") deliniates a "list" of directories/folders to which you frequently save files (...this saves a lot of typing for routine backups).

The syntax is simply Drive:\[Path], e.g., E:\Docs\Correspondence

Use a "text" editor to enter each directory/folder on an individual line.


DCopy, FileFind, Alarm, gFont, and ShutDwnX (Zip File) Download:

Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) DCopy for Windows" (Zip file)
Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) FileFind for Windows" (Zip file)
Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) Alarm for Windows" (Zip file)
Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) ShutDwnX for Windows" XP (Zip file)
Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) gFont for Windows" (Zip file)

to a known directory/folder (possibly where you extracted BigFin, e.g., x:\Program Files\BigFin)

Then, extract (unzip) the "EXE" file with a "Zip" utility (such as PKZip... available from:



ShutDwnX is a bone-head simple program to shut down an XP Windows OS. It may function with Vista and Windows 7, but I have not tested it. Please let me know if it works with those OS's.

Press (or Right Click Mouse Button) to download (FTP) ShutDwnX for Windows" XP (Zip file)



gFont is a program that displays installed fonts on a PC. Note: On my Win98 laptop, it doubles the entries. My XP Pro laptop does NOT display any printer fonts because I do not have a 'printer' installed. (Will seek to remedy the doubling problem.) gFont may function with Vista and Windows 7, but I have not tested gFont on those OS's.

gFont103.ZIP (Right Click the Mouse Button) to download (FTP) gfont for Windows" (Zip 21K file)


Visual Basic Run Time (SP6) Update:

The Visual Basic 6 Service Patch 6 is necessary for those who have an old version of the Microsoft VB runtime, or those who want to assure that they have the latest version. This file is provided with the conditions set forth in distribution by Microsoft Corporation.

Go to the Microsoft site... use SEARCH (VB 6 SP6), and then simply download this file to a Folder/Directory on your hard drive and then RUN it (from the START menu). The latest Visual Basic 6 files will be installed on your system.


Add a Program (Icon) to Windows" 9x, ME and XP Pro

The following process enables you to add a program (MS-DOS or Windows") to Windows" 9x. There may be a caveat or so with your version of Win9x -- this works on Win95 SR2 (the "B" release) -- or XP. Windows" is intuiative, so you are encouraged to experiment. Regardless, be concise with your key strokes.

You should a new icon on your desktop! DCopy for Windows" will be available when you select it from the Program folder (or double click the icon).

Note: DCopy (and BigFin) run under Win9x, ME, and XP (NTFS), and Win2000 operating systems. DCopy also runs under NT 4.x (on a FAT partition).


Author's Note:

If you have difficulty running these programs, install BigFin. DCopy, FindFile and Alarm utilize files installed by Bigfin.


If you have problems, e-mail:
Update: February 18, 2013

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