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Note: As with any product used on a motorcycle, read the label/instructions before each use!

Blue B-Gone Small bottle with applicator

This amazing product comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip up spout. The instructions are easy to understand. Just a few minutes of rubbing brought a change to the "blue color" on my exhaust pipes. My intent is to try a little harder next application. Highly recommended!
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Miracle Metal Polish Read the directions. "Shake well" before and while using it. I used a polishing cloth on the metal (chrome/aluminum) parts.

A little of this light blue liquid goes a long way. The (liquid on the) cloth turns dark gray to black after useage... depending on the cleanliness and type of metal. Miracle Metal Polish did a super job on aluminum parts (especially, my Fat Boy rims). Like any polish, you have to rub it vigorously. Let it dry. (Note: I used Spray Shine to clean off the residue of this product.)
When finished, rinse the applicator with soap and warm water. A recommended product for your motorcycle/car kit bag.

I have tried several metal cleaners to remove the "spots" on my Fat Boy rims... nothing worked. However, a vigorous rubbing with Miracle Metal Polish completely removed the oxidation. I am very impressed!
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Renew Custom Car Wash Read the directions. Just like the ads say... it cleans it all!

I sprayed it on my dirty and buggy motorcycle, then let it set for a few minutes. I used warm water and Splat! car wash soap to wash off the grim. Tough spots demanded a soft brush scrub. I dried my motorcycle by hand (using soft towels)... then, used Spray Shine after the bike dried. Had many compliments... several people wondered when I bought a new motorcycle. It is the same old 2000 Fat Boy... just cleaned up better than usual... thanks to these great products. This product is highly recommended!
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Quick Clean Spray Cleaner Read the directions.

I used this on a friend's motorcycle that was covered with road grim and bugs. With a little effort, everything cleaned off exceptionally well. Then, we used Spray Shine. Should have taken a before and after snap shot. It was remarkable. Quick Clean comes in a large can (you get your money's worth), and should be packed for a trip along with Spray Shine. Highly recommended!
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Saddle Soft Custom Leather Care

The fluid ounces are not stated, but the bottle is larger than other similar products. It comes in a spray bottle, and sprays easily. The instructions indicate that it should be applied liberally and allowed to soak. I used an old 100% cotton sock to rub the access liquid into the leather. Saddle Soft performed well. There was negligible smell (some leather treatments are obnoxious). Also note: The label says that Saddle Soft protects from UV and cracking. UV (from the sun) can damage leather quicker than water.

Note: I have worked with leather for a number of years... a warning is warranted. The various grades and quality of leather will clean, wear, and shine differently. My Corben seat is glossy while the backrest (for the driver) is less shiny (almost dull). This does not mean it is a lesser quality of leather; it's only a different cow. And, it does not indicate a problem with the leather product itself. Keep that in mind when you treat leather products.

I used Saddle Soft in combination with a carnuba cream leather care product. Saddle Soft worked great! Highly recommended!
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Scratch Out Custom Cycle Glaze Read the directions! (8 fluid ounces)

This product comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip up spout. The instructions are straight forward. Use as you would rubbing compound. The label does not suggest application with a power buffer... therefore, do not use with a power tool. Apply with a soft cloth in steady strokes until dry, then buff out.

Note: Another use for those old, holely, 100% cotton socks. ;o)
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Spray Shine Cleaner and Polish - Large areosol can

Have tried two other products (Honda Pro Cleaner and an H-D brand)... both are good. However, this product is superior (in this user's opinion). The product is applied like similar sprays (I spray on the soft clean cloth, then apply to the metal or painted surface). The resulting gloss appears to be "deeper" when it is dry, and buffed out (with clean soft cloth). Excellent product... very highly recommended!

Clean Cycle Products Information

Clean Cycle Products
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Toll free: 1-800-438-2108

Reviewer Note: I do not believe you will have a problem with these products. However, if do have a complaint or concern, please contact the good people at Clean Cycle Products first. I am positive you can work out any disparity. Personally, I will continue to use these fantastic products.

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Update: June 9, 2011