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Add a program (Windows" or MS-DOS) to Win9x, ME, or XP
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Visual Basic Run Time Update (Service Patch 6)
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CD Player Information:

In brief, CD Player is a CD Player. My CD Player has a few more enhancements than other free players. It shows the number of tracks on a Music CD, the length of each track (while being played), the total length of the CD, and allows you to select a track by pressing the corresponding track number (button).


CD Player (Zip File) Download:

"Download" CDPly105.ZIP (or Right Click the Mouse Button) to download (FTP) CD Player for Windows" (Zip-ed file) (23k file) to a known directory/folder (possibly where you extracted BigFin, e.g., x:\Program Files\BigFin)

Then, extract (unzip) the "EXE" file with a "Zip" utility (such as PKZip... available from:

Press (or Right Click the Mouse Button) to download (FTP) CD Player for Windows" (Zip file)


Visual Basic Run Time (SP6) Update:

The Visual Basic 6 Service Patch 6 is necessary for those who have an old version of the Microsoft VB runtime, or those who want to assure that they have the latest version. This file is provided with conditions set forth by Microsoft Corporation.

Go to the Microsoft site... use SEARCH (VB 6 SP6), and then simply download this file to a Folder/Directory on your hard drive and then RUN it (from the START menu). The latest Visual Basic 6 files will be installed on your system.


Add a Program (Icon) to Windows" 9x, ME and XP Pro

The following process enables you to add a program (MS-DOS or Windows") to Windows" 9x. There may be a caveat or so with your version of Win9x -- this works on Win95 SR2 (the "B" release) -- or XP. Windows" is intuiative, so you are encouraged to experiment. Regardless, be concise with your key strokes.

You should see a new icon on your desktop! CD Player for Windows" will be available when you select it from the Program folder (or double click the icon).

Note: CD Players (and BigFin) run under Win9x, ME, and XP (NTFS), and Win2000 operating systems.


Author's Note:

If you have difficulty running CD Player, install BigFin. CD Player utilizes files installed by Bigfin.


If you have problems, e-mail:
Update: February 18, 2013

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