Motorcycle "Spring" Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

by Gary D. Moore

Cleaning your motorcycle after Winter storage should be a delight. Yes, after the many months of waiting... doing anything to your ride is welcome. So, get out the arsenal of cleaning agents, soap, polish and waxes... and get to it!

Note: If you feel uncomfortable with anything you find during your Spring inspection, or you want the opinion of a professional, take your motorcycle to an "authorized" dealer for inspection, and/or maintenance.

If you are in need of excellent products for your Spring and other motorcycle cleaning tasks, please review Clean Cycle Products Evaluation or visit their website at: These products are exceptional!

Another source of excellent motorcycle products is Original Bike Spirits. The spray polish they make rivals anything out there. If you used Honda Pro Polish in the late 90s, this is that polish! Review their product line at: Original Bike Spirits

Motorcycle Spring Cleaning Tips PDF Document
Motorcycle Spring Cleaning Tips Word Document

Motorcycle Cleaning Tips PDF Document
Motorcycle Cleaning Tips Word Document

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Update: June 6, 2012