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BigFin (Finance) Program

Please visit the BigFin web page at:

BigFin for Windows™ Shareware Download

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Windows™ 3.1x Tips

Microsoft Excel™ users: add MaxBPs=768 below [Enh386] in your system.ini (Normally: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SYSTEM.INI). Note: You can use the SYSEDIT utility (in Windows™) to add this line.

When installing anything in Windows™, always close all open windows, and back ground processes. You can toggle to determine if anything is open by pressing Alt+Tab (keys) at the same time. Press Alt+F4 to then close the processes. Windows™ does weird things when you install programs with other programs running in the back ground. And, just a note of further caution... always backup before installing!



Want to find a file somewhere on your hard drive? Simply type dir \filename.ext /s /p at the DOS prompt. This DOS command will provide a list of files (and the respective PATH). Hopefully, the one you are seeking will appear. Wildcards, and partial names are permitted with this command.

Note: This also works at the MS-DOS prompt in Windows™ 9x

Tip: Always check your hard drive upon booting (or, while using your computer if something flaky occurs) with CHKDSK (CHecKDiSK). I strongly recommend that you include CHKDSK in your AUTOEXCE.BAT, e.g., add the line C:\DOS\CHKDSK /F to assure yourself that all is well upon booting. Or, while sitting at the DOS prompt, execute CHKDSK ... it only takes a few second. The "/F" prompts CHKDSK to recover unallocated files if they are found. [A prompt will suggest that you recover file (Y/N)? Always answer "Y" (yes). Any recovered files will reside in the ROOT directory (C:\) until you delete them.] Type HELP CHKDSK at the prompt to learn more about CHKDSK, or any other DOS command.

Another handy utility with DOS 5.x+ is the MEM command. mem /c /p provides a listing of the DOS programs loaded in memory. You will note that both, CONVENTIONAL, and EXTENDED memory listings are provided.


Programs by Gary D. Moore

BigFin for Windows™ Financial Program - $20.00 (US funds) Registered Version via the Internet (download only); Update is $10.00 (US funds). US mail is an additional $12.50 (US funds).
Note: BigFin for Windows™ works under Windows™ 9x, ME and XP.

State Info for Windows™ (now available) Program - $10.00 (US funds) Prior registered users
US mail is $15.00 (US funds). Foreign mail is $30.00 (US funds only)

Note: A site license discount for State Info for Windows™ is available for a school or other educational institution for $30.00 (US Funds). Please request the site license discount. Thanks!

This is special pricing for those who order from the Internet. You must e-mail me, and mention this page when ordering.

Please provide name, address, city, State, zip, phone number

Make check payable to: GARY D. MOORE
e-mail:, or US Mail at:

Gary D.Moore
5161 Howard Road
Smiths Creek MI 48074-2023


Update: September 7, 2013


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