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Current BigFin version is 3.7.3 (December 27, 2014)


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BigFin (Finance) Program Download and Installation Instructions

BigFin Shareware Windows™ Version is contained within a self-extracting file (approximately three Meg). Run BigFinInstall.exe to extract various file. The SETUP.exe program should be automatically executed to install BigFin.

Simple instructions are in a PDF File: BF_Ins.PDF Please download and read this simple guide.

Installation instructions:

Download: BigFin for Windows™ Shareware Version


BigFin Help File

BigFin users or those interested in what BigFin has to offer can download the BigFin Help File by clicking on: BigFin Help File

Save this file in your BigFin folder/directory (d:\Program Files\BigFin). Then, "double click" or RUN it to read it.


BigFin (Finance) Program Information

BigFin contains numerous calculations such as:

The shareware version is fully functional. Information from BigFin can be output to your printer or to an ASCII (Text) file.

Instructions for creating an icon for any Windows™ program are available at: Windows™ 9x™, ME, XP Tips


Visual Basic Run Time (SP6) Update:

The Visual Basic 6 Service Patch is necessary for PCs that have an older version of Microsoft's VB runtime. To assure you have the latest version, go to Microsoft Corporation site... use SEARCH (vbrun60sp6.exe). Then, download the appropriate file to a known Folder/Directory on your hard drive. RUN that file (from the START menu). After you have executed this file, the latest Visual Basic 6 runtime files are installed on your computer.


BigFin (Finance) Program Registration

BigFin is not freeware... BigFin is a shareware program that can be used for a trial period (30 days). If you find BigFin of value, please register BigFin with Gary D. Moore.

Registration information is contained within the BigFin program. Or, e-mail: for information about BigFin registration and multiple licenses. Once you register BigFin, you will receive an e-mail with a unique 25 digit registration number.

BigFin registration is $20.00 (US funds) via the Internet. Download only! A valid e-mail address must be provided with the order. It is $32.50 (US funds) if a CD-ROM is mailed to a United States mailing address.

Update for BigFin MS-DOS users is $10.00 (US funds) via the internet. (A valid e-mail address must be provided.) An update CD-ROM is available for $22.50 (US funds) if mailed to a United States address. Mailed foreign orders are $42.50 (US Funds).

BigFin registration is PER CPU. One registration is not a site license. Site license and multiple license information is available via e-mail from:
Multiple and site licenses are reasonable.

Thanks for your honesty, and as always, thanks for supporting BigFin!

License for use is granted upon receipt and clearing of funds. Any payment in non-U.S. funds will NOT be processed and BigFin license is not granted.

BigFin license: ONE CPU (normally refered to as a Desk Top) and ONE PORTABLE (normally refered to as a Lap Top) not running concurrently.


BigFin MS-DOS Version is Y2K Compliant

BigFin v 3.3x is Y2K complaint. Calculations display a four digit year. If you are a registered user, and have a version earlier than 3.28, you are urged to update to the current Windows version. Please e-mail:
Include the registered name, and your original registeration number. Thanks!

Please note: Some users complained about Y2K problems... this caused me a great deal of consternation... only to find that there was no Y2K problem with BigFin. BigFin is and has been Y2K compliant since July 7, 1994. Each registered user has been contacted up to four times (at the last known address) to update BigFin. If you have a problem with BigFin, please provide your version number when you e-mail me. Thanks!


BigFin System Requirements

BigFin has been tested under Windows™ 95b, Windows™ 98(SE), Windows™ ME, Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista, Windows™ 7 systems with 256 Meg to TWO (2) Gig of RAM and TWO (2) Meg Video RAM. BigFin installs (four to six) DLLs to the \Windows\System directory (folder). All other files are installed with the BigFin.exe file (the suggested folder is: d:\Program Files\BigFin).

If have installation problems, please contact: via e-mail, or by US Mail as noted below. Note: Some installations proclaim errors when it is only warning that an older FILE was NOT copied. Ignore these messages.


BigFin Support

Registered users are encouraged to e-mail me for any problems with BigFin. Please contact me via the internet at: or, by US Mail as noted below.


BigFin (License) Key Code

As of (BigFin) version 3.6.0, registered users are NOT sent a BigFin.DAT file. Registered BigFin users must e-mail: for a 25 digit License Key Code.

License Key Code Entry Instructions: Entry of the Key Code is simple. Select the File Menu, select License Key Code option. Then, enter your 25-Digit License Key Code and your user name. After you complete this process, a BigFin.DAT file is created (in the BigFin Folder/Directory). Please keep your License Key Code in a safe place for future reference.


Gary D.Moore
5161 Howard Road
Smiths Creek MI 48074-2023


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