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Grand Total: 8,165,491 gallons

South Vietnam Quadrants:

I Corp
II Corp
III Corp
IV Corp

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I Corps - 2,355,322

LocationOrangeWhiteBlueTotal Gallons
A Shau53,5502,5506,12862,228
An Hoa6,5001,80011,25019,550
Binh Hoa8,22001,6009,820
Cam Lo80,3758,66012,785101,820
Camp Carrol78,2005,4005,05088,650
Camp Eagle14,2500014,250
Camp Esso53,4105,600064,510
Camp Evans18,690088019,570
Camp Henderson68,1557,0404,80079,995
Chu Lai12,1704,1501,59817,918
Con Thien84,70012,46010,925108,085
Da Nang, China Beach13,80002,00015,800
Dong Ha54,3855,0609,93569,380
Duc Pho, LZ Bronco46,22514,4001,17561,800
Firebase Jack140,87511,9003,280156,055
Firebase Rakkassan150,14523,9002,510176,555
Firebase West15,4053,69018,48037,575
Hill 6320,5003,200023,700
Hill 6911,6204,1501,59817,368
Hoi An17,5203,00013,95034,470
Khe Sanh, Firebase Smith43,7053,0404,30051,045
LangCo Bridge50,6105,6003,50059,710
LZ Baldy15,4303,00013,95032,380
LZ Dogpatch, Hill 3274,49008,25012,740
LZ Geronimo22,53514,00046837,003
LZ Jane, Firebase Barbara91,1506,7503,700101,600
LZ Langley, Firebase Shepard72,1057,0404,80083,945
LZ Profess, Hill 5539,30013,00017,20969,509
LZ Rockcrusher, Hill 8547,8000047,800
LZ Rockpile110,05015,4407,650133,140
LZ Ross15,4056,72018,50840,633
LZ Sandra118,78020,21024,755163,745
LZ Snapper, Firebase Leather11,35003,00014,350
Marble, Hill 5915,4056,72018,50840,633
Phu Bai54,3003,00012057,420
Phu Luc, LZ Tommahawk78,2504,000082,250
Quang Nai25,60501,80027,405
Quang Tri, LZ Nancy68,0002,7503,70074,450

II Corps - 1,054,406

LocationOrangeWhiteBlueTotal Gallons
An Khe, Camp Radcliff 37,8106,4005,61049,820
An Lao, LZ Laramie68,97049010,57080,030
Ban Me Thuot16,0009,250025,250
Ben Het80,4957,2303,00090,725
Bon Song, LZ Two Bits80,6436306,00087,273
Bre Nhi6,600006,600
Cam Ranh Bay21,2271,373022,600
Camp Granite59,3102,0755,39066,775
Che Oreo01,80001,800
Da Lat57500575
Dak To49,46060034,80084,860
Firebase Pony43,49003,80047,290
LZ Dog, LZ English63,0736306,00069,703
LZ OasisNo Data
LZ Putter, Firebase Bird50,09507,20057,295
LZ Uplift43,4553,22027546,950
Nha Trang6,95032507,275
Phan Rang1102,07502,185
Phan Thiet5,0003302205,550
Plei Ho, SF Camp15,3001,26011016,670
Plei Jerang98,22051,2351,800151,255
Puh Cat, LZ Hammond29,7007,210036,910
Qui Nhon53,2151,8004,12559,140
Song Cau5,6505505,705
Tuy An13,2153,740016,955
Tuy Hoa29,5654,485034,050

III Corps - 4,086,229

LocationOrangeWhiteBlueTotal Gallons
An Loc77,00079,8300156,830
Ben Cat87,25083,64020,105190,995
Ben Hoa35,045124,5253,950163,520
Cu Chi59,15067,54014,105140,795
Dau Tieng (Michelin)32,37045,8003,80081,770
Dien Duc, Firebase Elaine66,85025,800092,350
Duc Hoa75000750
Firebase Di An6,00001,5957,595
Firebase Frenzel13,44557,56090071,905
Firebase Jewel, LZ Snuffy219,550146,0107,300372,860
Firebase Mace34,28023,35073058,360
Lai Khe57,12022,3001,80081,220
Loc Ninh46,660103,7101,800152,170
Long Binh, Firebase Concord13,44557,560071,005
LZ Bearcat17,84075,470093,310
LZ Fish Nook44,00023,800067,800
LZ Schofield38,64017,2107,80063,650
Nha Be (Navy Base)119,725121,9256,000247,650
Nui Ba Den, Firebase Carolin50,02066,5002,100118,620
Phouc Vinh484,383146,57612,810643,769
Phu Chong39,84862,23012,055114,130
Phu Loi79,00083,4300162,430
Qua Viet50,6105,6003,50059,710
Quan Loi44,19034,300078,490
SaigonNo Data
Song Be1,9009,220011,120
Tan Son Nhut6,32001,5957,915
Tay Ninh7203,2256004,545
Trang Bang32,36539,5606,00077,925
Vo Dat, Firebase Nancy14,18029,100043,280
Vung Tau7,350007,350
Xuan Loc23,86558,75066083,275

IV Corps - 669,534

LocationOrangeWhiteBlueTotal Gallons
Ben Luc45,90014,838060,738
Ben Tre24,80024,750049,550
Can Tho15,16013,91511,68540,760
Cao Lanh1,8752,9358305,640
Dong Tam5,8706051656,640
Firebase Grand Can(yon?)01,54001,540
Firebase Moore9,820009,820
Ham Long3,2751,62004,895
Moc Hoa12,4006,590018,990
My Tho13,3207,31696521,601
Nam Can150,34564,2950214,640
Phu Quoc19,0000019,000
Rach Gia02,15502,155
Soc Trang3,4102,3911,2807,081
Tan An89,55036,4500126,000
Tieu Con8,700008,700
Tra Vinh9,8858,000017,885
Vinh Loi30,0100030,010
Vinh Long8,3609,75589019,005

Note: This does NOT include US Army helicopter or ground applications, or any form of the insecticide programs by GVN, or the US military. The amount represents gallons within eight (8) kilometers of the area. Thus, each area is 9.6 miles in diameter.

DescriptionTCDD (Dioxin) Amounts
Agent Orange1.77 to 40 ppm
Agent Blue (Purple)32.8 to 45 ppm
Agent Red (Pink)65.6 ppm
Agent White (Green)65.6 ppm
Silvex1 to 70 ppm
2,4,5-T (Current)0.1 ppm or less

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